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Cupid’s Hot Dogs

 Cupid's Hot Dogs - Canyon Country

18748 Soledad Canyon Rd
(661) 252-6410

Cupid’s Hot Dogs in Canyon Country is the result of a third-generation, family-owned, restaurant that still knows how to serve the same signature chili and dogs as they did when they opened their first location back in 1946. Serving Coney Island–style, naturally encased hot dogs heated on custom-built steam tables, the slender treats come covered in onions, mustard, and the trademark chili. They are conveniently located off Soledad, next to the Edwards Canyon Country Stadium 10.Cupid's Hot Dogs

Stop by before or after your next movie, or anytime you crave an authentic American hot dog. Cupid’s is known for maintaining the same high quality recipes they established decades ago to create mouth watering hot dogs (with all the toppings you could dream of), chili dogs, philly cheese steak and of course, fries (loaded with chili and cheese for the full experience). Don’t forget an ice cold soda to wash it all down. Cupid’s Hot Dogs has been proudly awarded in the top-10 rankings for City Voter‘s Los Angeles Hot List.

Hot Dogs, Chili Dogs and Fries

Richard F. and Bernice Walsh opened their first hot dog restaurant as Walsh’s Hot Dogs, but later changed the name to Cupid’s – Bernice’s nickname. The two ran locations in North Hollywood, Van Nuys and Canoga Park for nearly forty years.

In the early 80’s, their son expanded the hot dog restaurant by opening a new location in Simi Valley, but it doesn’t stop there. Fast forward to 2009, sisters Kelly and Morgan Walsh (granddaughters of Richard F. and Bernice and daughters of Richard E) continue the family tradition, serving the same great food and customer service Cupid’s Hot Dogs have become known for.

Check out Cupid’s Hot Dogs on Restaurant Row

One thing that has changed over the years, due to popular demand, is the addition of new items on the menu; unique to each location. Yes, you will still see the original menu, but now they have added Cupid’s Creations! For example, Cupid’s in Canyon Country offers smoothies and slushies with boba, fried chicken wings, popular custom concoctions like the LA “Dirty” Dog, Asian BBQ Dog, Waffle Dog and Bacon-Wrapped Chili Cheese Dog-all of which customers can be found raving about in reviews.

Whether you like your dog with just mustard, or wrapped up in a waffle, with a dog hugged by bacon and smothered with chili and cheese, Cupid’s Hot Dogs in Canyon Country has a custom creation for everyone in the Santa Clarita Valley. 

For more information about Cupid’s Hot Dogs, click here.

Cupid’s Hot Dogs

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