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Dash Teeth Whitening

Dash Teeth Whitening


Developed by Discus Dental – the same company behind Zoom and Britesmile whitening – Dash Teeth Whitening is an affordable, easy-to-administer whitening alternative to the much lengthier and expensive whitening options.

Using a non-light activated whitener, Dash provides the recipient varying degrees of whitening depending on:
•    Tooth Anatomy
•    Calcifications
•    Age
•    Personal Hygiene
•    Tooth Condition
Dash whitening achieves the absolute best results on both yellow and brown tooth stains, while teeth with grayish shading caused by various medications may respond differently to Dash treatment. Prior to your appointment, your dentist will perform a thorough evaluation with you to help ensure your procedure is as comfortable and satisfying as possible.
The entire procedure takes only an hour, during which your dentist will take the utmost care in providing you stunning results, as well as ensuring your teeth and gums go unharmed through the treatment. The greatest sacrifice required is no eating or drinking for 30 minutes after the treatment, after which you’ll be able to fully enjoy and share your beautiful smile with the world. Make an appointment with your dentist today and ask them about Dash Teeth Whitening.

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