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Dr. Joel Miller: Migraine Headaches

Listen to Dr. Miller discuss migraine headaches!

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Many people suffer from constant migraine headaches, but they might not be finding the true cause of them. Many migraine headaches can stem from teeth grinding and clenching, a common side affect of high stress. The headaches will often feel as if you’re wearing a hat too sizes too small, leaving a ring of pain around your head.

Because these headaches can sometimes be excessively frequent and severe, they are often misdiagnosed and don’t treat the real problem. Although various medications and therapy can help relieve some of the pain, they won’t solve the real problem. This may cause your teeth to grind and erode away creating even more problems for you to face. Some other signs that you may be grinding your teeth include sore or sensitive teeth, an aching or sore jaw and facial and muscle nerve pain. If you think you are experiencing migraine headaches due to teeth grinding, call Aesthetic Dentistry of Valencia today at (661) 257 – 5858 for information and help.


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