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Sorry for the temporary inconvenience folks.  We are having minor issues with our email alerts page.  For now, to sign up for our email alerts send us your Name, E-mail address, Zip Code and which E-mail Alert you would wish to receive to

The E-mail Alerts Available are:

SCV News Briefs

B​r​e​a​k​i​n​g​ ​N​e​w​s​ ​A​l​e​r​t​s

Restaurant Row

Coupon Critter

T​o​p​ ​T​h​i​n​g​s​ ​T​o​ ​D​o​ ​T​h​i​s​ ​W​e​e​k​e​n​d​ ​I​n​ ​S​a​n​t​a​ ​C​l​a​r​i​t​a

Hometown Recipes

SCV Your Home Inside & Out

Health And Beauty

Peeples Place at KHTS

Hometown Football

Dodger Express Newsletter

Please write “E-mail Alerts” in the subject line.