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The Magic of Trees with Rebecca Kellogg $33

Date: March 29, 2014 - 2:00 pm
Time: 2:00 pm  to 

In “The Magic of Trees” class, we’ll explore tree mythology, encounters with tree spirits, and ceremonies and celebrations involving trees. We will look at where we can integrate tree energy into our lives and life changes, and explore ways to creatively interact with the trees in our lives.

Did you know trees can soften the energy around them, creating space not only with shade but also energetically to make a supportive place for people to live?

Did you know there are different kinds of tree spirits? Warriors, angel trees, portal trees, and more. Come learn what kind might be living on your property . . .

Did you know that in some societies, trees were thought to be wisdom keepers? The oldest trees in the world are centuries old, far older than the longest-lived humans. Even regular trees often have a wise and patient energy. In the class, we’ll practice connecting with this energy through meditation . . .

Trees can support healing, families, goal setting, relationships, relaxation, and even connection with loved ones who have passed. They touch the underworld, are present in our realm, and reach to the heavens. These amazing beings bless our lives in many ways. Come learn more about the magic of trees, and open your heart to the beauty of this aspect of our world.

Rebecca Kellogg is a Reiki master, channel, and metaphysical explorer, writer, and teacher.

The Magic of Trees with Rebecca Kellogg $33