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Account Executive

Sales teams are the backbone of a radio station’s profitability. Here at KHTS, they sell ad space on-air and on But that’s not all- because the sales staff at KHTS are Account Executives, in charge of coming up with creative commercials and advertising campaigns for their clients. This position is not for the shy types, but for those who love people!

KHTS is now hiring for an Account Executive who can do all of the following:

Attract Clients

  • This involves doing research and finding out what a particular company’s needs are. Then, the Account Executive designs and pitches a proposal to the client that can help their business.

Get Creative

  • Account Executives will often take the lead in writing the commercial and laying out the ads. Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand and a good Account Executive will come up with something catchy, unique and to the point. Sales in itself is a large career field and can lead to many different and fun careers.

Make Money

  • Account Executives rely on commission for their income, meaning that they get a percentage of each marketing campaign they sell. This can add up to big bucks, and best of all there’s no limit; the more accounts they sell, the more money they make.

Work a Flexible Schedule

  • Account Executives usually plan their day around meetings with clients, which means that their schedules are flexible. This can be a great attribute when a salesperson has children or needs to otherwise plan their day around events.

Get Out of the Office

  • With so many meetings each day, Account Executives get to travel, so they aren’t cooped up behind a desk all day.

If you’re interested in a career as a KHTS Account Executive, please send your resume to: No phone calls, please. Thanks for your interest in your hometown station!

Account Executive

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