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Alive and Well – Karena Thek Lineback


Alive and Well

with Karena Thek Lineback

It’s all about YOU!


Alive and Well: A radio show and health haven where our goal is to help YOU:

-Filter through the mega-doses of information,

-Sift through all the ‘experts’ with a ‘message’,

-Find out what’s real, and

-Hand it over to YOU, so that you can…

Make the healthiest most-informed decision for living a full and vital life.”


12:00 to 1:00 p.m.

On your Hometown Station, AM-1220 KHTS!

Your host:

Karena Thek Lineback

PBS host, Regular health and fitness expert of abc7, President of Pilates Teck, author of OsteoPilates (Career Press 2003)

Karena Thek Lineback on NBC Morning Show Karena Butt Desk Workout Video
Watch Karena on a recent appearance on the NBC Sunday Morning Show. Click here to view video. Karena shows you an easy, 6 minute “butt desk” workout to firm you to fabulous. Click here to view video.

With all of the health risks facing today’s women there are so many reasons you need to be well-informed. Every book, every article, every ‘expert’ claims to hold the key to your health. Only YOU hold the key to your health and only you can make important decisions that will lead to a healthier, more full life for you, your loved ones and your family. Our job is to bring you the information. Your job is to use it as you see fit.

Poor choices in nutrition, fitness and lifestyle affect women’s health. Heart disease, strokes, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer are just a few of the diseases that affects women’s health world-wide. Unfortunately, it is hard to find advice grounded in scientific fact and very easy to find contradictory information.

We make it a policy on Alive and Well to talk with guests who have done their research and can then present it to you, our listeners. We look for advice and experts that are backed by research and common sense. When we are desperate for a change, common sense can quickly take a back seat to fear. It is easy to get caught grasping at straws when it comes to changing an undesirable health information.

Correct and up-to-date health, fitness and nutritional information needs to be an increased priority for women all over the world. Today’s Woman is here to help. Did you know that there is generally a 15-year lag between new information being uncovered by research scientists and that same information making it to the main-stream? Alive and Well is here to shorten that time. With your help we can change the world. Your up-to-date, research-backed, common-sense-grounded fitness, health and nutrition information is welcome on our show. Please feel free to contact us with your show ideas and input.

Karena Thek Lineback will have a major impact on the success of your client. Here’s Why…..


Karena’s presence on a campaign:

  • Increases your client’s credibility
  • Motivates and guides the consumer
  • Lends an air of home-town girl friendliness and believability


Karena is a sought after instructor, speaker and media guest. Here’s why:

The PBS Special: Karena is a fitness/health expert. Which is why she was asked to host Pilates for Healthy Bodies with Karena Thek Lineback. This special is now airing nationwide on a PBS through June 2011. The show focuses on returning to health by increasing mobility and reducing pain.

Author of OsteoPilates: OsteoPilates, Increase Bone Density, Reduce Fracture Risk, Look and Feel Great! (New Page Books 2003); Karena’s brisk-selling book is a one-stop shop for all you wanted to know about osteoporosis with information on origins of the disease, including what medications and diseases cause low bone density, diet, medications and loads of exercises to build bone density.

ABC7 regular: The View From the Bay, a San Francisco talk show, regularly has Karena come in to share her advice on health and fitness issues. Karena shares important health information that is too often not seen outside of medical journals and not written in a a way that is easily understood by the general public.

Creator of DVD: Pilates for Healthy Bodies. This DVD is available through the PBS pledge drives as well as through the world’s largest Pilates supply distributor as well as on Karena’s website: The DVD has two exercise programs that aid the viewer to better health.

Radio Talk Show Host: Alive and Well on AM1220 KHTS; a talk show for women, by women and about women focusing on women’s health and issues. Karena’s talent for drawing people to her is apparent in the overwhelming response to this radio show. Her laugh is infectious and her information comes in a never-ending stream through her prestigious, expert guests including Oprah regular, Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Inspiration: Through her Pilates studio, Karena, has spearheaded campaigns to raise funds for the Circle of Hope, a local breast cancer non-profit. For four years, Karena has held a city-wide fundraiser supporting those who need help paying for their expenses (medical or otherwise) while undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Grants. In 2008, Karena was an Avon Company grant recipient. Karena uses the money to continue to teach free therapeutic exercise classes to breast cancer patients. In 2010, Karena was a Newhall Redevelopment Grant recipient courtesy of the City of Santa Clarita. Funds were used for training individuals to pursue a new career in the health and wellness field of Pilates.

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Studio: 661.260.1609

Alive and Well – Karena Thek Lineback

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