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Among the Hidden by Angela Tiano

Have you ever been afraid that when you’re hiding, then someone might find you?


I’ll be reviewing the book Among the Hidden,  by Margaret Petterson Haddix. The author tells about where you can only have up to two children, but a young boy’s mom had three children, so one of them had to hide from the Population Police for their whole entire life.  The young boy’s name was Luke.  He was a shadow child.  A shadow child was someone who didn’t exist.  He dreamt of being able to go outside, but he couldn’t because someone might see him.  One day, he broke a rule and looked out the window and saw another shadow child’s face.


I really enjoyed the book because I like horror books that knock your socks off, and this book sure did!


I recommend this book to young readers who loooove scary books!

Among the Hidden by Angela Tiano

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