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Beezus and Ramona by Melissa Hollinger

Good morning KHTS listeners.


My name is Melissa Hollinger and I am a 4th grader in Mrs. Child’s class at Pinetree Elementary School in the Sulpher Springs School District.


I’ll be reviewing the book Beezus and Ramona written by Beverly Cleary. It was written in the year 1955 and is 159 pages long.


This book is about a four year old girl named Ramona and her older sister Beezus. The book tells many stories about Ramona getting in trouble for all the naughty things she does to her sister and other people. For example, one time Ramona put her rubber doll into her sister’s birthday cake. When the cake was baking in the oven Beezus and her mother smelled the rubber burning. When they opened the oven they saw that the doll had popped out of the cake. Another time Ramona got in trouble for locking her sister’s friend’s dog in the bathroom.


I enjoyed this book because Ramona does things most four year olds wouldn’t do. She is a funny and mischievous kid.

I think other readers would like this book because it is a silly story about two sisters and how they get along.


Thank you for listening.

Beezus and Ramona by Melissa Hollinger

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