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Beyond Harmony Restaurant Row Certificate


18635 Soledad Canyon Rd.  Suite 101
Canyon Country, CA 91351
661) 298-8008

VALUE: $30.00  YOUR COST: $15.00

Beyond Harmony is Santa Clarita’s most popular med spa.

By purchasing this certificate, you can choose to go “Beyond Harmony” with one of the following treatments!

FLASH EXFOLIATION: Exfoliation is essential to the health of every skin type. It removes dead surface skin cells to encourage cellular regeneration which is important for a glowing complexion at any age. Acne sufferers find that their condition improves as it accelerates healing and prevents pores from clogging which leads to breakouts. Dry or aging skin looks dull and fine lines and wrinkles are more visible due to the collection of dead cells on the surface. We will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize with products appropriate to your skin’s condition. Followed up with regular home care, you’ll look great all the time.

EYE RESCUE: Gentle but thorough exfoliation is important to keeping youthful looking eyes and reducing the appearance of lines referred to as “crow’s feet”.  Hydration is also an essential part of this treatment as the delicate skin around the eyes needs special care. An eye mask is used to calm the area and help reduce puffiness. Products that are specifically formulated for the eyes are used so there is no irritation and the treatment ends with a moisturizing eye cream for long lasting results.

LIP RENEWAL: This treatment starts with exfoliation of the often neglected lip area to help diminish fine lines around the mouth, which is a common condition associated with premature aging. That also helps eliminate the appearance of “bleeding” lipstick which the skin pulls into creases naturally. Intensive moisturizers help fight dry, chapped lips and they’ll look softer, plumper and more kissable.

STRESS BEATER: A relaxing 20 minute massage of the neck and scalp that targets the areas most affected by stress. It works out those tight muscles and helps reduce knots in the neck and shoulders. This treatment is performed on a special massage seat that provides maximum accessibility to the head, neck and shoulders. It helps to stimulate blood flow to the head and throughout the entire body. 

FOOT WARMER: A 20 minute foot treatment combining heat with massage to ease pain and fatigue in the most abused part of the body. All organs have corresponding points on the soles of the feet and massage improves their function for overall health benefits. Herbal products soften and improve the appearance of feet and heat helps to provide total relaxation

This is not the coupon. Certificates must be purchased by visiting KHTS radio or clicking here:

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Beyond Harmony Restaurant Row Certificate

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