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Body Wellness: How You Can Achieve True Health

By Dr. Kelly Herta, DC

Everyday we are surrounded by information pertaining to our health. We hear about health on the radio, in commercials and even on the internet. But, unfortunately most people do not have a true understanding of what it means to be healthy. If you look in a medical dictionary it will say that health means that “an organism functions optimally without disease or abnormality”. Most understand the absence of disease as being a part of health, but what about functioning at our optimum. This is the part of health most people skip. Most people figure that if I am not hurt, or if I don’t feel pain then I must be healthy, but health is not only about an absence of pain. Especially since pain is our bodies’ way of telling us that there is already something wrong.

If you look at various Wellness websites you will notice that health seems to entail much more than just an absence of disease and pain. Wellness websites include many other facets of life that many do not realize tie into their health. These sites include such things as mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and even career or financial health. Most people believe that this may sound a little crazy, but in reality your health is affected by everything you do as well as everyone you know.

So you may ask, “What can you I do to stay healthy?” First off take part in your health care. Be proactive. Keep all scheduled appointments, including physicals, dental appointments and chiropractic maintenance visits. Also, follow your doctor’s advice. If your doctor tells you that you need to take a supplemental vitamin or you need to exercise more realize they are telling you this to help improve your health. Ask questions concerning your health so that you can better understand your health. Stay optimistic. This alone can be of huge value to your health. A positive outlook can be just as important as the treatment itself. If you don’t think you will ever heal from your injury, you will be more prone to allowing yourself to do or ignore something that may cause further harm to yourself. Other options to help you stay healthy include using correct posture, exercising, reducing your stress, and improving your mental attitude. One last thing that can be very beneficial in your health is receiving sufficient rest. This means 6- 8 hours of sleep per night, avoiding sleeping on your stomach and make sure you are using a supportive pillow and mattress.

For more information, Dr. Kelly Herta, DC at Aligned Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center. 27875 Smyth Dr. # 100, (661)295-5200.

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Body Wellness: How You Can Achieve True Health

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