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Buckle Up – Explorer Insurance



Here are 3 reasons to buckle up, every time:


It’s the law. The Click it or Ticket campaign says it all: you’ll be fined for not wearing your seatbelt. You’ll pay $100 after the first violation, and the fine increases for every violation thereafter.


Set an example. Teenaged drivers and passengers are especially unlikely to wear seatbelts. In fact, 57% of 16-20 year old passengers and drivers killed in daytime accidents in 2006 were not wearing seat belts. Make it clear to your family that there are no but’s about buckling up.


It can save your life. The combination of wearing a safety belt and having an airbag is the single most effective way to prevent injuries if you’re involved in a car accident.


These safety tips brought to you by Explorer Insurance – Santa Clarita’s trusted auto insurance carrier. Explorer insurance is available only through independent insurance professionals who work directly with you to customize just the right insurance policy to meet your specific needs.



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Buckle Up – Explorer Insurance

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