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Cassie Binegar by Cassandra Yeam

Good morning, KHTS listeners,


Hi, my name is Cassandra Yeam and I am a 4th grader at Sulphur Springs Elementary School in the Sulphur Springs School District.


I’ll be reviewing Cassie Binegar, written by Patricia MacLachlan.  It was written in 1982 and is 129 pages long.


In the chapter book Cassie Binnegar, by Patricia MacLaughlin tells about a young girl who is troubled by a secret she has been keeping to herself.  As the book begins, Cassie Binegar, a young girl who lives on an island, has a hard life.  Her family is poor.  She has few friends, and she can’t seem to find her own space.  In the middle, a writer from the New York Times rents a small cottage nearby to stay in and becomes good friends with Cassie.  The rest of the family comes later on.  In the end, Cassie gets upset and tells the secret that she’s been keeping to herself to Gran.  Gran explains things to her and it makes Cassie feel much better.  Then Cassie figures out that her own space is with Gran.


I think that the author’s purpose in writing the story was to show that you shouldn’t keep secrets from your family.  If you talk to them about it they’ll help you feel better.  Another message is if you have a question, ask an adult instead of keeping it to yourself and frustrating yourself.  Cassie solved her problem by posting a question-answer board to get people’s advice.  The writer helped her solve her problem. 


This story reminds me of when my dad had hurt his back.  We didn’t have a lot of money and my mom had to work hard and come home late.  I was like Cassie because she was poor and because of that she had to move to the island and start a new life.


I would recommend this book to people who love sad stories that turn into happy stories.



Cassie Binegar by Cassandra Yeam

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