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Confidential Data Destruction Company FAQ


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Serving the Santa Clarita Valley and entire Southern California Region
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our company uses a small paper shredder.  Why should we pay for this service?

A typical paper shredder located in the office is not designed to process the volume of documents that should be shredded.  This leads to making a decision not to shred a document (which should be shredded) in order to save time.  In addition, your company is paying the salary of your employees while they are doing the shredding.  In most cases, this will end up being more expensive than using a document shredding service.  You’re paying high salaried employees to spend time shredding documents.  Santa Clarita based CDDC can save your business time and money.

What is Mobile, On-Site Document Destruction?

Our trucks are specially equipped with a shredder that can process up to 6500 pounds of paper an hour.  We come to your facility and shred the documents on your site.  You can feel secure, that when the documents leave your property, they are shredded beyond recognition.
Why should we use an on-site service instead of an off-site service?

With an on-site service, all your confidential documents are shredded at your loading dock, or in the parking lot in front of your building.  This avoids the risk of something happening to your un-shredded documents on the way to an off-site shredder.  You can feel secure that when the documents leave your property, they are shredded beyond recognition.  
How do I know that my confidential documents have actually been shredded?

With our on-site service you can come out to the truck, if you wish, and witness the destruction via a television monitor on the side of the truck.  There is a camera inside the truck aimed at the shredder.  You can actually view the shredding process in action.  Additionally, as an option, you can request a video tape of the actual shredding.  CDDC will provide you with a “Certificate of Destruction” with every invoice.
What happens to my shredded documents after your truck leaves our facility?

Your shredded documents are mixed with thousands of pounds of other shredded documents, making document reconstruction virtually impossible.  The shredded paper is then transported to a recycling facility where it is further processed into recycled material.
Our equipment is capable of destroying all types of confidential material including, but not limited to:

    Paper Documents
    Electronic Media
    File Folders
    Prescription Bottles
Very little preparation of your material is required. Confidential Data Destruction Company can accept material with staples, paper clips, binders, etc.

Scheduled Container Service

We offer daily, weekly, monthly, or on-call destruction services, depending on your individual needs. We provide, free of charge, specially designed locking bins or storage units placed strategically throughout your office or facility. These containers are used to safely deposit and store your sensitive information. Our service drivers will arrive on a scheduled date, and securely transport the material to our mobile destruction truck, where it is immediately pulverized.

This on-site document destruction service can be arranged for Scheduled Container Service or Purge/File Box Cleanout Service. It is especially convenient for firms that to personally witness the destruction of documents or other confidential information.
After the records have been destroyed, you will be provided with an itemized invoice and a notarized Certificate of Destruction. This is an important legal document you should retain in order to demonstrate that due diligence was used to protect the sensitive information.

Purge/File Box Cleanout Service

CDDC provides businesses with annual, semi-annual or periodic purges of old records that no longer need to be retained. Our service drivers will safely remove and load your records into our shredding truck for immediate destruction. If you do not have the records stored in file boxes, we can deliver containers to your office for disposal and then return when you are ready for the destruction of the material.

Drop off Service

This is the most economical method of document destruction and requires you to bring the records to our facility for shredding.

Witnessed Destruction Service

This service is provided to clients that desire to see or must actually witness the destruction process. Attorneys that may need to testify under oath that they witnessed the destruction of records typically request this service. Our service drivers will pick up and transport the documents to our shredding facility followed by one of your representatives. You may also choose to bring the material in yourself. The truck is unloaded and its contents weighed. Your representative is escorted to an office overlooking the shredder where he/she can witness the immediate destruction of the material.
Every business has different requirements for shredding.  In addition, there are U.S. laws specifically tailored for different types of business that requires them to secure certain type of documents.  You should become familiar with the laws governing your type of business.  In general, the following types of documents should be securely maintained and disposed of when required:

Payroll records
Personnel information
Financial statements
Sales reports
Sales statistics
Marketing plans
Insurance information
Billing records
Medical records
Tax records
Legal documents
Engineering drawings
Purchase orders
Credit memos
Outdated checks
Drafts of documents
Outdated reports
Can you shred other types of confidential records?

Yes, CDDC can shred video tapes, audio tapes, microfilm, x-rays, microfiche, photographs, identification cards, credit cards, and more.
Do I need to remove staples, paper clips and binder clips from my documents?

NO.  There is no need to waste your valuable time separating these items from your documents.  Our State-of-the-Art equipment can easily shred all of these items.
How often should our documents be shredded?
Every business has different needs.  CDDC can provide you with a free consultation of your needs, and recommend a regularly scheduled record management program.  We can provide you with DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, OR ANNUAL service.
I have a large amount of documents in storage boxes.  Can these be shredded at one time?

Yes, CDDC can offer you a special PURGE service that will take care of all your outdated confidential documents at one time.
How do I keep my confidential documents secured in-between scheduled visits?
CDDC will provide our regularly scheduled customers with free containers where you can keep your documents secure in-between destruction visits.  
Our company puts our documents in the trash, which then goes into a dumpster.  Isn’t that safe?

NO.  The dumpster is in the open for days before the scheduled pick-up.  Anything that’s in a dumpster is open and available to the public. Plus, the items in a dumpster are delivered to a landfill where it is dumped in open space, making your documents available for pick-up at the landfill.  Most private detectives offer the practice of going through dumpsters to obtain information that you would prefer to be confidential.  This practice is called “dumpster diving”.  In 1988, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that “dumpster diving” is legal.  
How much does on-site shredding cost?

The costs differ depending on the type of service requested. Daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, semi-annual, annual, and purge services are available. CDDC can provide you with a free consultation of your needs, and recommend a regularly scheduled record management program.

Contact us to schedule a visit and demonstration. Or call our toll free number at 1-888-826-CDDC (1-888-826-2332), or in Santa Clarita, (661) 257-9970


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Confidential Data Destruction Company FAQ

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