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Don’t Mess With A Military Mom

Forget Al-Queda. If there’s a group you DON’T want to mess
with, it’s military moms.

We stick together like hot glue, even if our sons and
daughters are “retired” military. There’s something about having spent those
sleepless nights, addicted to the news when an IED blows up near a familiar
city or the cold chill that goes up our spines at the sight of a Stratus parked
on our block that bonds us.

For the unfamiliar, those are the cars driven by military
chaplains. You do the math.

Maybe it’s the fear/pride, the forced happy face, the support
that has to come before the urge to hold our children close and protect them
that makes us tougher than nails.

We keep the stiff upper lip when all around us wonder. And
we get mad quicker.

It’s like the Mother Bear instinct, except on steroids way
stronger than anything in major league baseball. Don’t mess with our cubs, lest
you lose the ability to walk away.

We defend our kids and each other and we’re not afraid to
call someone out when they’re horribly wrong.

Which brings me to the situation at Saugus
High School.

Senior Nicholas Laccabue has always wanted to be a Marine
and when given the opportunity to finish his required courses in December to accommodate
an early enlistment, he did it – and three days later, “shipped out” to Marine
boot camp.

His mom, Shari, is extremely proud of
him. She gets a lot of support from the “Delta Moms,” a support group of
mothers whose children are also Marines.

They were the first group she mentioned when she and I
talked about her son’s situation.

You see, Nicholas wants to wear his Marine uniform to make the
diploma walk in June with his class. He asked politely, probably just like his
mama taught him, and Principal Bill Bolde turned him down.

Young man, only 17 now (but turns 18 in April), willing at
that tender age to give his life for his country and a school administrator is
going to quibble over what he wears to graduation.

This young man wants to walk with the dignity accorded someone
representing our country, an honor he’s worked for and his parents – and community
– deserve to acknowledge.

The boy isn’t doing it for attention, according to mom. He
just wants to wear the uniform he’s earned. As an Army mom, I can tell you the opportunities
to wear their dress uniforms are few and far between – graduations being one of
them, along with funerals and weddings. Most of the time he’ll be in what
soldiers call their BDUs – those familiar camouflage outfits that hide the dirt
and the sweat.

Between Bolde’s decision to deny Marine Laccabue his simple
request and when graduation rolls around, Nicholas will have suffered all sorts
of insults, physical traumas, mental challenges and a litany of “character
building” exercises.

Does he really need to be slammed by his school?

With the storm growing around this issue, there has been
some serious backpedaling, but as yet, no wrongs have been righted. The Delta
Moms stand behind Shari in whatever she did, which included contacting Arnold
and Buck – the latter being one of the most powerful members of Congress when
it comes to military affairs.

I know, from personal experience, that he can make things

Right with those Delta moms are Blue and Gold Star Mothers
and Prayer Angels For the Military.

In fact, they were ready to join Shari
at a school board meeting if a “resolution” wasn’t being worked on.

I don’t know if Principal Bolde was in the service.
Something tells me he was not.

But I know the moms are ready to teach him some better
decision-making skills. And a little respect for our kids in the country’s


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Don’t Mess With A Military Mom

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