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Dragon Slippers, by Kristin Hill

Good morning, KHTS listeners.  Hi, my name is Kristin Hill and I am a 4th grader in Mrs. Herrback’s class at Old Orchard Elementary School in the Newhall School District.  I’ll be reviewing Dragon Slippers, written by Jessica Day George.  It was written in 2007 and is 224 pages long.

In the book, the main character is Creel.  She is about 15.  Her aunt wants a duke to rescue and marry her, so her aunt has a plan to put Creel in a dark cave and then run to the duke and tell him that she has been attacked by a dragon.  In the cave, Creel really does meet a dragon who tells her that long ago dragons and humans were friends.  He gives her a pair of shoes and she decides to go to the king’s city to get a job as a seamstress.  Creel meets and befriends many other dragons on her journey.  She also meets a prince.  So many exciting things happen in this story.  There’s even a battle at the end!

This book is my all-time favorite book.  If you like books with princes, princesses, and dragons, you should probably read this.

Dragon Slippers, by Kristin Hill

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