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Eldest by Madeline Kiehl

Hi, my name is Madeline Kiehl, and I am currently a fourth grader at
Old Orchard Elementary School. 


I  will be reviewing Eldest by Christopher Paolini.  It is 668 pages long and was written in 2005. 


This story is about two cousins, Eragon and Roran.  Eragon is sent to
finish his training as a dragon rider in the elven capital, Ellesmera.
But, while Eragon trains, Roran fights a harder battle at home, in


The Razac, evil man-eating creatures with exoskeletons, start to destroy
Carrhall.  They are looking for Roran.  When the villagers hide Roran,
Razac captures Katrina, Roran's fiancée.  Roran decides it is time to
desert Carrhall and move to Surda.  The journey is rough and perilous.
Not all the villagers survive.  Later, Eragon learns that Nasuda, his
ruler, is preparing for battle.  His dragon, Sophira flies him to the
battlefield. Surprisingly, in the middle of the battle, Roran,
accompanied by the rest of the villagers, arrives!


This book is very exciting because of the constantly changing point of
view.  Readers will love this book because of the powerful ending.  It
is very unexpected, so it leaves you wanting more.  I highly recommend
this book!

Eldest by Madeline Kiehl

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