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Families In Action – December 16, 2013

Hosts: Cary Quashen and Bob Sharits of Action

Topic: Importance of Having Many Different Types of Treatment Methods

Guests: Brenda Way

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Families in Action: Monday December 16, 2013


Today on Families in Action Bob and Cary discussed signs that can suggest your kids are using drugs. If you find drugs on your son or daughter and confront them and then they say “It’s not mine, it’s my friends.” This is a good indication that your son or daughter is using drugs. According to Bob and Cary, a lot of parents buy this and then move on. The next time a parent finds drugs they need to have their kids talk to a therapist. The one using the drugs often get prescribed antidepressants. Statistics show that by the time you find drugs on your child, they have been likely have been using drugs for 18 months. Bob and Cary suggest if you have found drugs on your child you should not just see a generic therapist, you should see an addiction specialist.


Most drug abuse starts innocently. Every kid says they will never take drugs or smoke cigarettes.  Eventually youths will start taking drugs for two reasons. The habit of taking drugs are either learned at home or they are experimented with in order to fit in with their peers. These drugs are known as drugs of opportunity, which start innocently, but have tragic results. It’s much more likely to achieve long term recovery if you treat the symptoms early. Waiting until a user reaches rock bottom can be disastrous.  


There have also been a few parents calling in for treatment regarding internet addiction. Being attached to your cell phone and computer can also be an addiction. As healthcare professionals, Bob and Cary try to learn when a therapist is needed. Often times, there will be an issue that needs to be addressed specifically by a therapist.

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Families In Action – December 16, 2013

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