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Families in Action – January 7, 2013

Co-Host:  Bob Shartis of Action

Guests:  Kim Keener & Krissy McAfee – ACTION Parents

Topic:  Raising Awareness on Drug Overdoses

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Families in Action – January 7, 2013

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Families in Action with Cary Quashen airs on AM-1220 KHTS Mondays from 12pm-1pm.


              Cary Quashen hosts the Family’s in Action show with Co-Host Bob Shartis of Action.  Together they discuss ways to bring families closer together and how to deal with those family issues that we all are faced with. 

            Coming off a two week break, the crew starts off by thanking Action family zone and the KHTS radio station.  Bob Shartus describes the action family counseling that takes place in twelve different cities that deals with social problems and substance abuse problems in teens and adults.  Action also has the parenting support program.  This program meets on Tuesday nights and Canyon High School that helps teens with social issues and substance abuse problems.  This program also helps parents over come such obstacles.  The goal of this program is to take away the need for drugs. It may be impossible to take away the drugs, you can arrest the dealers but they will be replaced, but we can work towards taking away the need for drugs. 

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           A new bill has passed this weekend referred to as the “good Samaritan bill”. This bill makes it so that if someone is in trouble due to the fact that they are over dosing on some sort of substance or for any other reason in that nature, the person who called will not be charged if they are under the influence of something or if they are in position of a limited amount of drugs. 

            In this last year every 19 minutes someone dies of an accidental overdose.  This is the first time where deaths from accidental overdoses out numbers the amount of deaths from car crashes in this country.  Normally car crashes is the one that takes it.  This is also the first time that arrests from alcohol and drug position tops the charts. Driving under the influence of drugs now outweighs the amount of arrests of driving under the influence of alcohol. 

            This week, Cary and Bob interview parents who have lost children to the addiction of drugs and alcohol.   The first mother who is interviewed recounts the ways her son got into the world of drugs. She claims that pills are where her son lost it. It started with alcohol and marijuana, then that leads to pills.  Kids never jump strait to heroin. 



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Families in Action – January 7, 2013

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