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Fraud Buster: Renters Beware!

Due to the increase in foreclosures, there are many homes sitting vacant.  Banks are overwhelmed by the increase in inventory of REO’s.  For many of the banks, their REO’s are far from their offices and the person from the bank who maintains the home is unable to visit the location on a regular basis.  Our creative fraudsters are going to vacant homes, removing the “For Sale” signs, and replacing them with “For Rent” signs.  They list on their sign an 800 number for would be tenants to contact them.  They offer free utilities and require a deposit, first and last months rent.


They snag a tenant, take the money and run!  The tenant has no idea that the property is not owned by the person they believe they are renting from until they get a knock on their door from the bank.  The fraudster covers his tracks by using a prepaid 800 number which is untraceable.  Our tenant has benefited from the free utilities, but has lost their money and eventually their rented home.  Unfortunately, anyone with a vacant home is at risk.



Verify the owner of the property by calling a title company.

  • Before signing a lease with an independent homeowner, take the lease to a lawyer or your local legal aid office before handing over a big security deposit.
  • If you are looking to rent a home, use a licensed real estate agency or property manager to broker the deal.
  • Rather than rent through an individual homeowner, try renting through a development’s homeowner’s association.
  • Always pay with a check, and keep records of each rent payment made.
  • Never pay a security deposit and initial month’s rent in cash. Always ask where the landlord will hold the deposit; by law, it must be in a bank account, and the landlord must tell the tenant where it is being held.
  • Ask for a local office address and number as to where payments can be made.
  • Always run the property address and homeowner’s name through the local property appraiser and clerk of courts Web sites to see if there are liens on the property.
  • If you are a victim this is what you need to do


If you believe you are a victim of real estate fraud, please contact your local Sheriff Station, Police Station or District Attorney’s Office. Prepare a written explanation of what occurred. Your explanation should include:


1.    A brief overview of the events that took place.

2.    The names, addresses and telephone numbers of the people and companies involved.

3.    Copies of all documents you signed or that were given to you, including grant deeds, quitclaim deeds, trust deeds, reconveyance, assignment of deeds, notes, contracts, agreements, escrow instructions and statements.


4.    Copies of cancelled checks, or money orders (both front and back) that you gave in payment or that were given to  you as payments.


5.     Print your name, address and a daytime phone number.



Send your complaints to:


Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Fraud Detail/Real Estate Fraud Unit

11515 S. Colima Road , M-104

Whittier , CA 90604


Los Angeles County District Attorney Bureau of Investigation

Real Estate Fraud Unit

201 N. Figueroa Street , 16th Floor

Los Angeles , CA 90012



Agencies & Organizations That Provide Help:


California Department of Real Estate

320 W. 4th Street, Suite 350

Los Angeles , CA 90013

(213) 897-3399


The Department of Real Estate licenses, regulates and investigates complaints about real estate brokers, salespersons and some mortgage brokers and escrows.




California Association of Realtors

525 S. Virgil Avenue

Los Angeles , CA 90020

(213) 739-8200


The Association has listings for local Realtor associations throughout the Los Angeles County area.




Los Angeles County Bar Association

P.O. Box 55020

Los Angeles , CA 90055

(213) 243-1525


The Bar Association can help consumers find lawyers that deal specifically with real estate cases.




Department of Corporations

Financial Services Division

320 W. 4th Street, Suite 750

Los Angeles , CA 90013

(213) 576-7500


DOC regulates some escrow companies and the sale of securities, such as fractionalized deeds of trust and verifies the licenses of mortgage bankers.



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Fraud Buster: Renters Beware!

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