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Friday Matinee – February 15, 2013

Guest: Jennifer Fisher, Author;  Patty Finley of Canyon Theater Guild;  Christopher Cook, Performing Arts Director at West Ranch High School. 

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Friday Matinee on Friday February 15, 2013

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            Welcome to Friday Matinee with Paul Strickland right here on your Home Town Station AM 1220 KHTS.  This show is all about the arts in Santa Clarita. 

            Today’s first guest went to Saugus High and is now a mother of six.  She just came out with a book called “Not You’re Mother’s Make Ahead and Freeze Cookbook”. 

            Thank you so much for being my guest today.  So tell us a little bit about your book.  You are going to be having a book signing soon right?  Yes it is at Barnes and Nobles on March 2nd at 11am.  The book is part of the “Not Your Mothers Cookbook” series.  This uses traditional things such as slow cookers and updates them for today.  This newest book takes over 200 recipes that are freezer friendly and updates them for our modern day buds. 

            You are a mother, so you are used to cooking ahead of time right?  Yes, we got into the habit of cooking head then just taking the food out of the freezer when we needed.

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            How did you get started writing the book?  How did you get from thought to action?  Most of the freezer books where filled with caned foods and I was not really pleased with it.  So over the year I stock piled recipes of my own.  It was back in 2010 that I decided I had success sharing these on my blog, so I wrote a book proposal and found an agent, then sold it within two weeks.

            This is not your first book right?  Well this is the first one available in book stores.  I have written a few books before that are available as e-books and are self published and are available at my website. 

            So where did you go to college? I went to UC Santa Barbra.  That is where I did my undergrad and got a masters and teaching credentials.  Now I teach my kids at home and do freelance writing, blogging and writing a cookbook.

            You are a person that grows her own food right?  Well right now I have a small back yard, so now I order organic food, so I get a box once a week.  That is how we get our food now. 


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Friday Matinee – February 15, 2013

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