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Harry Potter The Chamber Of Secrets By Hannah Wilken

Hello, my name is Hannah Wilken.  I am a 4th grader in Mrs. Ahart’s class at Pinetree School in the Sulphur Springs School District.


Today I will be reviewing Harry Potter The Chamber of Secrets.  It is 341 pages of pure adventure and excitement.  It was written in 2002 and is the second book in the Harry Potter series


The book begins at the end of another summer Harry spends with the Dursley’s.   A strange ragged creature warns Harry that an ominous danger will come upon his school this year.  The creature was correct!


When Harry returns to school he finds out that a really huge snake has been locked away in a secret chamber in the ground beneath Hogwarts, Harry’s school.  50 years before the same snake appeared at Hogwarts and petrified many people.  The snake was locked away to keep people safe.  Now the chamber has been opened again and Harry and his friends try to find out who has unlocked the chamber. 


Is it Draco, Hagrid, or as many people think, could Harry be much different than he seems. You will enjoy reading this book to find out who really unlocked the chamber and let the snake escape.

Harry Potter The Chamber Of Secrets By Hannah Wilken

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