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Having My Baby – How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant


There are many early signs to help you determine if you are pregnant or not. Some women respond to pregnancy differently and may experience every possible symptom while others may experience no change or alteration in their bodily functions. Here listed are some of the more common telltale signs below that the majority of women encounter.

1.) Missing Your Period – This is the symptom that most women are familiar with. However, you may miss your period for other reasons, such as weight loss, stress, or possible illness. If you do happen to miss your period and are feeling tired, under the weather, and are having other unusual symptoms that do not regularly occur, continue reading the other signs of pregnancy.

2.) Tender breasts and nipples – Many women become very sensitive around their nipples and breasts even just a couple of days after conception. Your breasts will become much more painful to touch and even may limit your activity. This is one of the most common symptoms of being pregnant.

3.) Morning Sickness – This is not just a symptom that women obtain in the morning. If you are in the unfortunate mix of women that happens to experience symptoms of vomiting and nausea throughout the day, this is an early sign that you are most likely pregnant. You may begin to feel very queasy and experience stomach pain, but most of the time this symptom only lasts the first 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy.

4.) Tiredness – You may consistently feel extremely tired and lackadaisical. Fatigue affects many women who are pregnant and it is not something that disappears after the first trimester. Throughout most of a woman’s pregnancy, she will feel exhausted.

5.) Darkening of the Areola – The areola, the colored surface surrounding your nipple, will begin to darken and remain darker throughout pregnancy. This is a normal symptom women experience while they are pregnant.

6.) Frequent Urination – One of the more agitating symptoms, women who are pregnant tend to use the restroom much more. This happens because a woman’s uterus will begin to rise up into the abdomen while she is pregnant and this can happen as early as two weeks into conception. Also, a woman’s hormones will increase and cause the muscles in the bladder to stimulate, ultimately creating the need to use the restroom more frequently.

7.) Increase/Change in Taste and Smell – Women will be able to smell everything much more distinctly when they become pregnant. They are very responsive and much more receptive to their sense of taste and smell. Some foods may leave them queasy and have different effects on them that normally they do not experience.

8.) Constipation – Another pesky symptom that women may go through that is a sign of pregnancy is constipation. The digestive system is affected and changes while a woman is pregnant. It is very important that a woman maintains a healthy diet and is conscious of the foods she is consuming.


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Having My Baby – How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant

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