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Having My Baby – I’m Pregnant…Now What


So now you’re pregnant and a million things must be running through your mind… “What should I do? Where should I go? Whom do I talk to?” Not to worry, because here are a few ways to help make sure you stay informed, prepared, and help keep your baby safe and healthy during pregnancy.

1.) Folic Acid. You should take a multivitamin that contains 400 micrograms of folic acid daily. Folic acid prevents anemia and helps produce healthy red blood cells. It is essential to consume folic acid every day during rapid production of cell division and growth, which you will be experiencing during pregnancy.

2.) Prenatal Care. It is extremely important that you receive early medical attention from a doctor. You should schedule routine appointments and checkups to ensure that you and your baby are progressing properly.

3.) Healthy Diet. Incorporate a balanced and healthy diet into your life. You want to try and eat a lot of grains, fruits, vegetables, calcium-enriched foods, and foods that contain low saturated fat. Obtaining a healthy and balanced diet will only help you and the growth of your baby.

4.) Stay Active. Unless prescribed by your doctor not to, you should try and exercise 30 minutes a day if possible. If you do not have a full 30 minutes, try to workout out 2 times in 15-minute intervals, or 3 times in 10-minute intervals. Many women also continue working during pregnancy. Most jobs are safe for pregnant women, but if you are concerned make sure to confirm with your doctor.

5.) Get Informed. Invest in some textbooks that can inform you on what to expect. It is always best to be prepared. By being prepared you will feel much more secure and comfortable about being a mom. Also, use the resources around you. Ask your friends, family, and other women about what helped them when they were pregnant.

6.) Education Classes. This piece of advice ties into the bullet point above. Make yourself aware of any information you can regarding your baby. There are so many educational courses that can get you and your family prepared for your soon to be newborn. Ask your doctor about childbirth and childrearing courses.


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Having My Baby – I’m Pregnant…Now What

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