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Home and Garden Show and Emergency Expo 2012 at Hyatt, Valencia

Home and Garden Show and Emergency Expo 2012 at Hyatt, Valencia

(Story and Photos by Gabie Cardenas)

The Santa Clarita Emergency Expo took place as part of the Home and Garden Show and was hosted by Hyatt Hotel in Valencia, on Saturday March 31.

Santa Clarita’s third annual Home and Garden Show continued on Sunday April 1.

Admission was FREE and over a hundred businesses, agencies and organizations, participated offering information, giveaways or prizes. There were demonstrations and activities for the whole family.

For more about this community event, in a story written by Hannah Taylor, click here. For even more details about the Home and Garden Show, click here. For more details about the Emergency Expo, click here.

For an article focused on Gardens for Vets, written by Allison Pari, click here.

Bellow are some images from the event.

20120331_0631_HomeGarden 20120331_0636_HomeGarden




20120331_0654_HomeGarden 20120331_0661_HomeGarden
20120331_0667_HomeGarden 20120331_0673_HomeGarden
20120331_0680_HomeGarden 20120331_0683_HomeGarden
20120331_0684_HomeGarden 20120331_0696_HomeGarden
20120331_0700_HomeGarden 20120331_0708_HomeGarden



20120331_0726_HomeGarden 20120331_0739_HomeGarden
20120331_0728_HomeGarden 20120331_0755_HomeGarden
20120331_0748_HomeGarden 20120331_0757_HomeGarden
20120331_0768_HomeGarden 20120331_0760_HomeGarden
20120331_0771_HomeGarden 20120331_0775_HomeGarden
20120331_0778_HomeGarden 20120331_0779_HomeGarden
20120331_0785_HomeGarden 20120331_0790_HomeGarden
20120331_0802_HomeGarden 20120331_0815_HomeGarden
20120331_0818_HomeGarden 20120331_0826_HomeGarden
20120331_0794_HomeGarden 20120331_0796_HomeGarden



20120331_0834_HomeGarden 20120331_0851_HomeGarden
20120331_0840_HomeGarden 20120331_0842_HomeGarden
20120331_0849_HomeGarden 20120331_0850_HomeGarden
20120331_0860_HomeGarden 20120331_0865_HomeGarden

Home and Garden Show and Emergency Expo 2012 at Hyatt, Valencia

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