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Kathleen KenneallyTestimonials

Here’s what Kathleen Kenneally’s satisfied clients are saying

“After having no luck with conventional doctors treating me for a running injury, acupuncture was suggested to me by a fellow runner. This is how I came to know Kathleen Kenneally. I have to admit I was skeptical a first, but Kathleen’s knowledge and gentle manner soon put me at ease.  She is very thorough when asking questions to treat the cause of your problem.  I have been treated by Kathleen for various problems over the past 5 years and have recommended her highly to friends and family.  Acupuncture has been proven to work for a variety of medical issues.  My daughter has severe carpal tunnel and was helped greatly by acupuncture treatment.

Conventional HMO medical doctors are too quick to always prescribe a pill for any problem.  All drugs can have potential side effects.  We should use them sparingly and with caution.  Kathleen can achieve the same or better results without the side effects in her wonderful acupuncture office”.

Canyon Country, CA

“As a long distant Ultra runner, I have successfully used acupuncture as a way of healing tendons and muscles.  Add the huge benefit of recovery and energy treatments before and after racing, makes Kathleen Kenneally’s Acupuncture services a must for me as an athlete”.

Micah – hobby, 100-mile trail runner
Santa Clarita, CA

“I had wanted to try acupuncture for years and was very happy to finally have been referred to Kathleen by numerous people in our community.  My experiences with you and your treatments on me have been profound and wonderful!

Firstly, I must tell you that, as a child born with a birth defect, I have had a very poor immune system my entire life.  EVERY year I inevitably get at least one, if not more, flu or terrible illnesses/viruses.  Since I have seen you and had the seasonal acupuncture treatments, along with my other treatments, I HAVE NOT GOTTEN SICK ONCE.  It’s unbelievable. Secondly, many of the allergies I have been suffering with throughout my adulthood and which have been treated by you has virtually disappeared.

I thank you for the compassion, tenderness, thoughtfulness and wholehearted approach you take to the work you do.  I am forever grateful”.

Castaic, CA

“I was first recommended to Kathleen because of a pulled Achilles tendon.  I tend to avoid needles, but she put me at ease right from the start and I found the treatment to be painless and quite relaxing.  A couple of acupuncture treatments were enough to get me back running and allowed me to compete in a long distance relay race. 

Kathleen has also helped me with identifying and negating the various sources of allergies that I suffer from.  I often recommend friends to consider acupuncture treatment through Kathleen if they are dealing with injuries”.
Valencia, CA

“Kathleen Kenneally of Kenneally Acupuncture is amazing, to say the least.  Her warm, caring manner and expertise has really made a difference in my family’s health and well-being.

In early 2006 my 12-year-old son was diagnosed with a rather hearty, highly contagious skin virus that was said it would take 2-3 years of treatment to rid him of.  After searching my resources, I found Kathleen available and more than willing to research the virus and treat my son.  Less than one year later, my son has been cleared of the virus and has a clean bill of health!

Thank you, Kathleen, for taking such great care of my family!  You truly have a gift”.

Santa Clarita, CA

“I first went to Kathleen Kenneally when a sciatica problem was interfering with my daily life.  I’m not a fan of needles, so it took a lot for me to schedule an appointment.  When I went to my first appointment, Kathleen immediately put me at ease with her warm and thoughtful manner.  She was concerned with my total well-being not just my sciatica issue.  She also explained that acupuncture needles are not the same ones used for drawing blood or giving injections, they are completely different which is why they don’t hurt.  From my very first treatment I was sold on the benefits of acupuncture.  The pain quickly went away and I was able to resume my exercise program.  After a series of treatments, I now only go in for occasional treatments when I encounter low back pain.

I also go to Kathleen four times a year for seasonal treatments.  These are specific treatments given to reset the body to ease it into the new season.  Since I have been having these treatments for the past year and a half, I no longer get all those flues and colds that circulate every season.

Kathleen is an excellent acupuncturist who explains everything in detail before performing any tre3atment.  She spends quality time with her patients to assure the best treatment possible, which in turn assures the greatest outcome.  I highly recommend her for any issue you may be encountering”.

Nanette F.
Valencia, CA

“I have struggled with some chronic sinus issues the past year and a half which lead me to Kathleen Kenneally, Acupuncturist and more.   I was referred to Kathleen by my Reflexologist, Pat Aitken.    While at my appointment with Pat (who works out of Kathleen’s office) I felt the good energy there and asked more questions about Kathleen.  I soon made an appointment and we began work together on getting my body balanced and well prepared for my upcoming sinus surgery.  The first visit was a Body Immune Booster which Kathleen offers 4 times a year, right at the change of the seasons.  She also provides you with a packet or Emergen-C and instructions on how to stay healthy during cold/flu season, change of weather, etc.   She is gifted in working on emotional blockages and more things than I’ll list here.  Kathleen I so appreciate your gifts, true caring, and desire to see people rise to their highest potential”.

Karen H.
Valencia, CA

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Kathleen KenneallyTestimonials

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