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Life Leadership with Alex Urbina – January 21, 2013

Co-Host: Wendy Armara

Guest: Dilyse Diaz – therapist, and creator of game “Inside-Out”

Topic: Powerful Connection – “Inside-Out” game

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Life Leadership with Alex Urbina on Monday, January17, 2012

 Life Leadership with Alex Urbina is a show dedicated in providing powerful and life-changing insight on life, and one’s self. Alex and co-host Wendy Amara dive into topics that correlate with family, friends, community, and leadership, as well as providing you with top-notch guests that will ultimately challenge your train of thought and the way you truly live out your life.

 On today’s show, Alex shares his experience playing a game called “Inside-Out”, a family-friend oriented game that has been designed my a local therapists in order to emotionally connect families and peers together. Alex brings in the brains behind this game, Dilyse Diaz, that Alex Urbina praises for its honesty and willingness to connect families and friends together. By bringing in Dilyse, she provides background information on the goal of the game, the purpose of the game, and why she feels every family should play this game.

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To highlight the value and importance of “Inside-Out”, Alex Urbina, Wendy Armara, and Dilyse Diaz, decide to play the game live on Life Leadership with Alex Urbina. By playing the game live, Alex is able to truly provide strong evidence on why this game is powerful and how this game has the power to verbally reveal the importance of this game, and the amazing things that can be a direct result from this game.

 The way “Inside-Out” is outlined in a way that every game you will play will contribute into different and various results that will lead to various emotional and powerful results that will better enhance the quality of family and friend time.

 “Inside-Out” is recommended for all people, especially people who are lacking a strong communication factor with their kids, parents, friends, and everything in between. This is a fun, unique, and powerful game that will better enhance the relationship with the ones you love, and the ones you wish to grow closer on a personal/emotional level with.

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Life Leadership with Alex Urbina – January 21, 2013

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