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Life Leadership with Alex Urbina – March 4, 2013


Co-Host:  Wendy Amara

Topic:  It Starts With Self Love


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 Life Leadership with Alex Urbina on Monday, March 4, 2013


          Welcome to Life Leadership With your Hose Alex Urbina, right here on Santa Clarita’s Hometown Station, AM 1220 KHTS.  This is the kind of show where you can gain better insight and learn life and leadership lessons.  Today, my wonderful co-host Wendy Amara and I are going to talk about Love.  

            So Today, I wanted to talk about Love.  Is love an experience, or a concept or a theory?   It is an experience.  It is something you feel, we all have a theoretical concept of it, but it is something that needs to happen in your life.   It is an experience that you will always remember like your first love, or your first loss.  I have herd people say that love equals loss or love equals pain.  It can be the most beautiful human experience and also the hardest.  

            Growing up, I would tell my mom I love you, and a common response was “you know I love you too”.  Now as an adult I thought to myself, sometimes it’s not good enough to assume that someone loves you too.  Even though you do acts of kindness,  you need to be reassured that someone loves you.  It is not enough to assume it, you need to say it and you also need to show it and prove it.  I have been in a situation where people will say I love you, but will never show it.  Love is a powerful word and sometimes it is not used in that way. 

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            So how do we get out love out of our head and into our hearts?  I believe that the answer to that is vulnerability.  After years of being in pain, we all put up walls, we need to learn to break those down and allow ourselves to be hurt. 

            We all need to learn to say things that we love things about ourselves.  I have people wake up and say ten things they say about themselves.  People need to be aware that they are in a relationship with themselves.  People need to look at themselves from a third person, and see how they are treating themselves.



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Life Leadership with Alex Urbina – March 4, 2013

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