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Michael L. Green Tax and Financial


When it comes to income taxes, you should pay what you owe and keep as much money as you can! That’s why you need a tax expert like Michael Green, with Michael L. Green Tax and Financial in Santa Clarita.

Michael is an enrolled tax agent and knows the ins and outs of tax laws and tax preparation. With over 25 years of tax preparation experience, Michael will advise you on changes to tax code and maximize your return.

You’ll never know what tax credits you qualify for unless you ask your tax professional, Michael Green – Santa Clarita’s tax expert.

25115 W. Avenue Stanford
Suite 110
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Listen to Michael Green talk about these important tax topics!

I’m going into business for myself. What do I need to do?

{enclose michaelgreen1-selfbusiness.mp3}

What triggers an IRS audit?

{enclose michaelgreen2-audits.mp3}

Is a life insurance policy taxable?

{enclose michaelgreen3-spousepassing.mp3}

What medical expenses are deductible?

{enclose michaelgreen4-medicalexpenses.mp3}

I’m upside-down on my house. What can I do?

{enclose michaelgreen5-upsidedown.mp3}

What should I look for in a tax professional?

{enclose michaelgreen6-taxprofessionals.mp3}

Is credit card debt deductible?

{enclose michaelgreen7-consumerdebt.mp3}

What were the changes to the tax laws in 2009?

{enclose michaelgreen9-taxchanges.mp3}

Are cosmetic surgeries deductible?

{enclose michaelgreen8-cosmeticprocedures.mp3}



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Michael L. Green Tax and Financial

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