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Mind Your Own Business – February 1,2013

Guest:  Sharon Dallas – Naughty but Nice Lingerie;  Fred Arnold – Pres. SCV Chamber of Commerce

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Welcome to Mind Your Won Business With Doug Sutton and Ed Bernstein, right here on your Home Town Station Am 1220 KHTS.  If anyone has any questions or comments they want us to address over the air, feel free to message it on face book or comment us on the mind your own business face book page.

            So Doug, it is our third show.  And I was thinking today, I have two kids, and our first child we took lots of pictures, and we have full albums dedicated to that one, then the second one came and we did not take as many pictures, I was wondering are radio shows like that too?   Well Ed, I have three children, and I remember the first one had to be home by eleven.  Me and my wife would watch every move, by the time I had my third son, we did not care what that kid did.  Are you saying the same about our radio show? Well the first show we had there was cake and Champaign outside waiting for us, now we act like “we will talk to you in a couple weeks”.  Are you worried about show burn out already?

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Well yes.  How do you stay relevant every day? Because Ed, that is what professionals do.  You know I read Ed McMan’s book, and he said there where times where Johnny Carson would come on set and say “Ed, I just do not want to do the show tonight”, but he would walk out and turn it on, because he is a professional, and that is what we got to do.  So what makes a professional? They get paid. 

            So I did want to say something before we get into all the guests, we had two sad tragedies in the Santa Clarita Valley this week.  Two of our beloved Santa Clarita community members have passed away.  One of them was the unexpected death of Mindy Reed, which was sudden and people are all in uproar, it is always sad when some one passes unexpectedly.  ]

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Mind Your Own Business – February 1,2013

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