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Mind Your Own Business – January 25,2013

Guests:  Terri Crain – SCV Chamber;  Kelly Inga – Jorney Financial

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Welcome to mind your own business with Doug and Ed on your home town station KHTS AM1220.  This is our second show.  Ed, I have told you that this is the third show I have done, but this is the first time I have ever had a producer helping me out. It is amazing, I love it. 

Ed I have a question for you. Ok. Are you a good listener?  I consider myself an effective listener.  I feel like my ratio is about 70 to 30.  ok I have another question.  How many words do you speak in a day.  I have no idea.  Well you work with him, does Ed talk a lot?  Absolutely, I ask one question and he will not stop talking.

Well our show is all about reaching out to businesses, so if you have any questions make sure to call us. 

Welcome back to mind your own business with Ed and Doug.  Our first guest is our very own Bonnie Keith.  Bonnie I know you do not get much time in front of the camera but step over here and tell us all what you do.  Well actually my background started out in front of the camera, so it is very easy for me to be in front of it.  my name is Bonnie Keith and my job is to make sure that businesses be seen.  I let businesses get out there so that they can interact with more.  If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine what a video can do for you.  A video can move mountains.  I think businesses are finding out that print can work but you really need video to expand to all of your audience. 

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My job is to keep people off center and to get them to think in ways they don’t normally do.  A lot of people always ask what am I going to do next?  We where in a meeting in a mind your own business peer group on Monday and we where talking to an artist who was trying to market her stuff.  She was thinking very small by throwing a small party in here house and selling three hundred dollar art pieces out of her own house. 



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Mind Your Own Business – January 25,2013

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