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Mind Your Own Business – May 10, 2013

Hosts: Doug Sutton and Ed Bernstein, Sue Cowling

Guest(s): Yvette Didomenico and Dante Acosta

Topic: Mother’s Day and Politics and Business


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Mind Your Own Business with Doug and Ed Airs every Friday from 1pm-2pm on your Hometown Station AM 1220 KHTS

Join Doug Sutton, owner of the Valley Publications, and Ed Bernstein, of 25 Score, as they discuss ways to help your business and interview local entrepreneurs and small businesses from the Santa Clarita Valley.


Mind Your Own Business with Doug and Ed- May 10, 2013

Dante Acosta is running for Santa Clarita City Council…

This Friday was a very interesting Mind Your Own Business with Doug and Ed. Ed was, and as far as we know for the first time in his life – depressed. Ed is troubled deep within his heart, his utter being has been worn down and depreciated by the fact that he cares far too much about his loved ones, career, and community. Doug forcibly tried to persuade Ed into happiness, but unfortunately, Doug raising his voice and exclaiming how easy it is to be happy only drove Ed deeper into his short lived depression. Short lived, because during the break Peter the Board Operator grabbed Ed by the shoulders looked him in the eyes and said, “I love you, Ed”. These few words vacuumed Ed from his downer-coma and projected him into a world of peace and happiness.

The gang even brought on Dante Acosta who is running for Santa Clarita City Council. Dante is a good friend of  Doug’s and has been an active member of the community for years. Now he will running against the best of the best to help lead Santa Clarita issues, and was invited to come on to discuss his plans for the future of Santa Clarita. In addition to Dante, Yvette Didomenico came on to discuss how to start up your business.


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Mind Your Own Business – May 10, 2013

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