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Mindsets and Lifestyles – March 6, 2013

Topic:  The Year of the Water Snake and Transformation

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Mindsets and Lifestyles – March 6, 2013

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Learn something new every Wednesday and tune into mindsets and lifestyles. Join Mary Shurtleff, author of Feng Shui and Behavior, on KHTS am 1220 every Wednesday from 1 to 2 pm. Mary teaches how to harness the energy of the Feng Shui in tandem with behavior modification to change the mindset in your home and facilitate change within your life. Listen, learn, and be surprised about how the smallest changes can affect the prosperity, health, and relationships of your home and business. Wednesdays at 1pm on KHTS.

Welcome to Mindsets and Lifestyles right here on Santa Clarita’s Hometown Station, AM 1220 KHTS.  I am finally back, we took a little break since October. Well I just wanted to remind everyone what are mindsets and lifestyles. Mindsets are your thought patterns and how they are projected out into your environment. From that we have what we call bioenergetics, which is how you interact with your environment, the chinese word for this is “feng shui”.  Feng shui means wind or water. Everything is about energy and motion, and my program is all about thinking about your mindset, your thought patterns, how you are projecting your thoughts into your environment and how your environment is showing that in your home or business.  

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I tell people you create your home from what you have inside your head,  if your home or business is in chaos, then your mind and thoughts are in chaos. Feng Shui can help your health, relationships and even help your money flow a little bit better.  This is an interactive show, so I would love it if you would call in and talk to me about your life, you do not have to give your real name if you don’t want to, but please give us a call.  You can also ask questions through e-mail or facebook.  

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Mindsets and Lifestyles – March 6, 2013

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