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Oceans Awareness


Our oceans are in trouble. 
Careless activities by people, at sea and on land, have created the dire state of the oceans today:


•    Routine activities on land and water contribute to 6.4 million tons of debris entering the ocean every year


•    In the US, littering accounts for the majority marine debris that originates from land


•    Plastic debris is especially dangerous, because it does not degrade and poses swallowing and entanglement threats to marine life



Oceans do not have an infinite capacity to absorb all the waste we allow to flow into it. Not only are we hurting marine life, but because human life is so dependent on a healthy ocean, we are hurting ourselves.      
The first phase of the campaign launched in October 2006 and features characters from Disney's The Little Mermaid.  
The spots raise awareness of the problem in the ocean and lets audiences know that they can help the ocean by recycling and disposing of trash properly. 



The PSAs invite viewers to visit to find out more about the ocean and what everyone can do to help.   



Campaign Websites:,,

Oceans Awareness

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