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Oxygen Treatment – A European Skin Therapy

Rosemary Murphy, LE

Oxygen Skin Therapy is a treatment that uses highly concentrated molecular oxygen that can be used for all skin types and can be a part of any facial or body treatment.  It is recommended for both young and mature skin, male and female, and sun damaged skin, and has been found to be highly effective after laser resurfacing (once bandages have been removed), chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and following electrolysis, waxing and permanent make-up procedures. It is also beneficial for persons undergoing acne treatments and in combination with all facials, as well as IPL Photofacial and Laser Hair Removal Treatments.

Sometimes oxygen is incorporated into skin care products and applied to the skin as moisturizing agents might be applied in traditional face cream. For some time in Europe and more recently in the United States, oxygen is being applied directly to the skin via a special apparatus in which the pure oxygen becomes a propellant to carry micellized vitamins to the skin.

The flow from the apparatus appears to indent the skin and, in that manner, increases absorption of the product. The concentrate consists of 95% pure oxygen with vitamins A, C, E and B. The micellizing, which is a patented process, breaks down the size of the vitamins and renders them water soluble which makes them absorb more easily through the pores of the skin. This indentation effect also adds a micro massage to the skin, which helps to stimulate the flow of blood and regeneration of cells.

An additional benefit of the oxygen content is that it helps to kill free radicals as well as boosting the O2 level in the blood to the skin which naturally slows down with age and stress. Through the aging process, the skin loses the ability to absorb oxygen on the cellular level. The molecular oxygen delivered in this treatment, which is the same oxygen that we need to survive, and which we only receive 21% in normal air, will result in an overall improvement of the skin and a radiant look. The result is immediate and over time, will have lasting benefits.

This is a wonderful treatment for acne, aging and damaged skin. To learn more about Oxygen Treatment Therapy, contact Beyond Harmony at (661) 298-8008 or drop in to 18635 Soledad Canyon Rd. #101 and one of our skin care therapists will be glad to answer your questions.

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Oxygen Treatment – A European Skin Therapy

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