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Poison Ivy and Eyebrow Wigs by Bernard Kim

Good Morning KHTS listeners.


Hi! My name is Bernard Kim and I am a 4th grade student in Mrs. Strassner’s class at Mint Canyon Community School in the Sulphur Springs School District.


I’ll be reviewing Poison Ivy and Eyebrow Wigs written by Bonnie Pryor and illustrated by Gail Owens. It was written in 1993 and is 22 chapters long.


The book is about Martin Elwood Snodgrass who became a 4th grader. On his way to school on the first day of fourth grade, he met people from last year. When he went to school, his best friend Jamie became friends with popular kids and only wanted to hang out with them. Martin didn’t like it but he wanted to be popular. So Martin followed Jamie. Martin was struggling between new friends whom he can share some interests and those popular kids who doesn’t share same interests.


I really liked when Martin advised Willie that he doesn’t need to be the same as Willie’s father and everybody has something special in them.


I think this book is for everyone. Even my mom loved it so much she finished the book in one day.

Poison Ivy and Eyebrow Wigs by Bernard Kim

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