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Ponies at the Point, by Georgia Storm

Hi, I am Georgia Storm and I am from the Suphur Springs School District. I am in Mrs. Brewer’s fourth grade class at Fair Oaks Ranch Community School.

I  read the book Ponies at the Point by Ben Baglio. The idea is that a wildpony that lives by the beach has a halter on her and she has out grown it and it is digging into her skin.  Mandy is trying to take it off but the pony does not trust her. So, then Mandy told her mom about the pony because she is a vet. Her mom said that she can make the pony fall asleep so they can take the halter off. So when that day came people were gathering around as they were taking the halter off. When they were done they had to put the pony in a nearby place so that the pony’s skin doesn’t ge infected. A week later the pony survived and the cut was healed. Finally, the pony was free.

I think that this book was cute for people that like ponies and it is very interesting.

Ponies at the Point, by Georgia Storm

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