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Power Woman Business Center – January 8, 2013

Guests:  Erika Artieda – Hairitage Salon;  Elliot Kim – A V W Piano Studio;  Jessica Cruz – Power Business Center

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Power Woman Business Center – January 8, 2013

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Power Woman Business Center with Bill Miranda & Patricia Gracia airs every Sunday from 10am-11am.

                Bill Miranda: “I am your host Bill Miranda with my co-host Patricia Gracia and it is 2013.  It is time for everyone to be excited and prepared for the upcoming year.  Patricia I wan to ask you, it is 2013 you had time to think about the new year, to think about how the Power Woman Business Center can help businesses, what are some of your ideas?”

            Patricia: “Some of my plans include, every month or at least every 2 weeks, having several trainings.  I am especially excited about the trainings because I believe in order to be successful in your business; you need to have all the resources in your hands. Our mission at the PowerWomanBusinessCenter is to help the economy, to create more jobs, to create jobs through business entrepreneurs.  You have your business and you are struggling yourself.  You’re starting 2013 and you do not know how to direct your business and here we are to help you and your business be successful.  I can tell you  when I started my business, I started from home, with only a fax  machine and a phone.  That was 2001.  Now I own a commercial building.

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            If you are starting a business, or your business is struggling or even failing, the power women business center is the place to go to get help and incubate your business and business ideas.  If you close down on a business, you are closing down on opportunities on yourself.  You need a strategy, you need a road map.

            When you come to the power women business center, you get advice from everyone and their years of business experience.  You get to learn from the mistakes of everyone who came before you and avoid traitorous business decisions.  And we need thriving businesses in Santa Clarita.  Small Business makes this city great. 

            And we are so thankful for everyone who puts in the time to make the PowerWomenBusinessCenter work.  We have so many talented people who put their gifts out there for others to use and who make this city grate. 



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Power Woman Business Center – January 8, 2013

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