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Home » Podcasts » Relay for Life 2012 at the Central Park

Relay for Life 2012 at the Central Park

Relay for Life 2012 at the Central Park


(Story and Photos by Gabie Cardenas)

Thousands gathered to march and to raise funds for cancer research again in this year’s Relay for Life of Santa Clartia, in Central Park, on Saturday, May 19, 9am through Sunday, May 20, 9am, 2012.

The community was invited to join the existing teams or form new ones – this time a total of 147 teams and 1,814 Participants raised over $325,000 for the cause. An amazing event, where total strangers got together for one cause and kept moving for 24 hours. There was entertainment, free cancer info booths, a Survivors Village with: Survivors & Caregivers free Breakfast, Photos, Sign the Wall of Hope, raffles, Zach’s Wax Demo, Chef JP from the Paseo Club Appetizer Demo, Candy Bar Bingo, Magic by Dan Sachoff, animal balloons, pinata for kids, book sales and more. At the Main Stage performed: Pam Loe and Chad Watson, Blue Sky, Primrose Gardens, Stoney B. Blues, David Ford and the Last Set, Wumbloozo, Mary White Band, The Remnants, Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements, Toni Dodd & Southbound Blues, Parker Road, Shelby, Tieg and Tara, Stronghold w/ Louise Dorsey, Miranda Finn, Teresa James during Luminaria Ceremony, Barbara Paul & Joe Bull, Kirby Keyborne, Melissa Kaye, all with live broadcast by Axis IV Productions.

At the Kids Kamp the fun was complete with a bounce house, Gym equipment, fan making, crafts, bean bag toss game and more!

For a complete festival atmosphere, the Central Park hosted 13 vendors and food trucks.

The Luminaria Ceremony is the highlight of Relay For Life – with a Remember slideshow and Luminaria personalized paper-bag lamps dedicated to loved ones lining the path of the 24-hour lap,  while participants walk the track holding a candle (some brought flame-less candles for the little ones).

Click here for more information.

***Scroll down and click “Read more” to see more photos from the day.***



Team Lap, scroll to the bottom of the page for more TEAMS photos.



Pam Loe and Chad Watson performing on the main stage.




All day long luminaria lamps were personally decorated


“In Memory” or “In Honor” of a loved one that has been touched by cancer.


On stage and at the booths, locks of hair were donated, donors received a fresh new look.


Touching poem inspired by participating to the Michael Hoefflin Walk

was read in the Survivors’ Village.






20120519_0776_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0764_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk



20120519_0824_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0783_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk


20120519_0859_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0864_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0818_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0854_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0830_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0914_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk


Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital presented a wealth of information, complete

with a cancer museum that featured tissue samples comparison, a

Colon tunnel and lots of information fliers and giveaways.




20120519_0887_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0873_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk

20120519_0880_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0894_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk


The day culminated with the Luminaria event, where the personalized lanterns lit up


the night. All walked the lap carrying the light to honor and remember loved ones.



2012 Remember

Ceremony Singer:

Teresa James.



2012 Remember Ceremony Speaker:
Shar Larkin joined by two of her three sons, spoke about her husband’s Tom
battle with cancer. Larkin spoke to everyone: “be proactive”, sharing that Tom
was “5 years late” with the medical check, she also shared some of Tom’s qualities,
as always enjoying life to the fullest.


20120519_0077_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0018_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0063_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0069_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk_copy
20120519_0087_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0096_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0119_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0109_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0146_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0124_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
Bellow are some of the TEAMS that participated in 2012 Relay for Life at Central Park.
20120519_0349_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0357_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0366_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0367_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0371_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0376_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0382_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0386_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0393_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0399_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0403_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0411_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0420_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0422_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0425_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0427_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0435_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0438_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0442_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0446_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0452_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0458_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0465_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0469_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0476_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0472_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0481_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0486_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0489_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0497_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0496_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0493_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0499_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0506_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0510_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0517_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0523_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0526_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0529_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0533_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0536_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0541_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0546_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0549_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0551_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0555_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0515_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk-Edit 20120519_0559_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0565_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0569_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0574_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0588_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0583_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0582_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0594_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0598_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0609_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0611_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0620_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0649_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0652_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0414_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0675_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0687_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0697_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0700_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk
20120519_0704_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk 20120519_0769_GabieCardenas_Relay4LifeCentralPk






Relay for Life 2012 at the Central Park

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