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Sacagawea by Breanna Pennala


My name is Breanna Pennala, I am a 4th grader at Peachland Elementary School in the Newhall School District.

I’ll be reviewing Sacagawea, written by Judith St. George.  It was written in 1979 and is 108 pages long.

This is a biography about Sacagawea’s life during the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  She was a young Shoshone  Indian woman who was chosen to join the expedition to interpret for Clark.  She took care of her baby, herself, but mostly the men.  They started the expedition in St. Louis, Missouri to the Pacific Ocean and back.  She was valuable because she led the men past hostile Indians when they did not know which way to go.  Other Indians saw her with white men and they knew they were friendly.

I thought the book was fantastic.

I learned about many other Indian tribes they passed along the way as well as the expedition.

It tells about a young Indian woman that traveled many miles and had many adventures.  It tells of hardships and a long way without a car or McDonalds!

Sacagawea by Breanna Pennala

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