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Sacagawea, Native American Hero by Abby Norris

Abby Norris
Ms. Shafarman
Meadows Elementary School
Spring 2008

Sacagawea, Native American Hero
Report Written By: Abby Norris

Good morning KHTS listeners.  Hi, my name is Abby Norris and I attend Meadows Elementary School in the Newhall School District.

I’ll be reviewing the book Sacagawea, Native American Hero, written by William Sanford.  It was written in 1997 and it is 48 pages long.

This biography tells the story of Sacagawea, an Indian girl from the Shoshone tribe, who became famous for helping Lewis and Clark during their expedition west.

As a young girl, Sacagawea was captured by a Hidatsa warrior and became a Hidatsa slave.  Red Arrow, her captor, eventually lost Sacagawea gambling to Toussinaut Charbonneau, a French Canadian Fur Trader.

With Charbonneau, she was hired by Lewis and Clark as an interpreter and guide.  They had many interesting experiences.  One of my favorites happened when the explorers came upon the Nez Perce tribe.  The Nez Perce wanted to kill Lewis and Clark after a villager told his tribe that the “white men” had came to kill them.  Sacagawea found a tribe member who spoke both her language and the Nez Perce language and told them that they had come in peace.  They believed Sacagawea and even allowed Clark to serve as their Doctor.

Sacagawea, Native American Hero was a fun book to read.  The stories were interesting and full of information.  The illustrations helped me imagine what Sacagawea and America might have looked like during Lewis and Clark’s expedition.

I think most students my age would really enjoy reading this book as Sacagawea is someone everyone learns about in elementary school.  Anyone interested in American or Indian history would also enjoy reading this book.

Thank you for reading my book report.  You can find this book in the Newhall Public Library.

Sacagawea, Native American Hero by Abby Norris

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