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Santa Clarita Builders Exchange (SCBX)


Are you getting ready to remodel your house? 

Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom? 

Landscape or install a pool?

Do you dread the process of getting your house torn apart and dealing with a contractor, all at the same time?

Get the connections you need to get your project done at the Santa Clarita Builders Exchange in the Valencia Industrial Center.

Plans are now available to subcontractors for a new custom home in Canyon Country.

Call 288-0186 or visit them on the web at

Santa Clarita Builders Exchange is a group of local contractors, constructions suppliers and service providers that have joined together to simplify the construction process. They’ll go over blue prints, recommend a reputable contractor and submit your project for bids.

Don’t struggle through the process of construction alone.   Santa Clarita Builders exchange will help you with contractor referrals, project bids,  project suppliers, and contract mediation FREE. Top contractors are attracted to Santa Clarita Builders Exchange. 

Why do we need a Builders Exchange?

This is what one homeowner is has to say:

We are building a new home, and I recently tried to get some bids. I was surprised that the closest Plan Rooms were in Ventura, Palmdale, Bakersfield, Anaheim and Redondo Beach. We live in a growing, thriving community, and it seems like everywhere you go in Santa Clarita, there are new pickup trucks with contractor’s names on them. We need a place for Owners and Contractors to get together to do business. It should be possible for private owners or public works administrators to simply drop off plans at a local Plan Room where local contractors can review them and prepare their bids.

Can Anyone Deposit Plans or List Projects for Bidding?

The general public may deposit plans in our Plan Room or use the SCBX.US website to list their projects for bidding, but only our members can review plans in the Plan Room or access the list of projects bidding from our website.

City, County, State or other Public Works agencies are welcome to list or deposit their projects without any fees, but we will ask the City and County to provide weekly updates of any new permits or permit applications for the newsletters to our members.

Anyone seeking the services of design professionals can also invite proposals from our Architect/Engineer members.

Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner are welcome to deposit plans in our Plan Room without any fees for bidding by our members. Our staff will help them describe and list their project.

Large builders of tract homes will be charged a fee for the use of the Plan Room, and they will be required to join as Associate Members.

Any other private, public or institutional owner or their Architect or Construction Manager may deposit plans or invitations on our website or in our Plan Room without any fees.

Have you ever heard about the problems some people have with their contractor?

At the Santa Clarita Builders Exchange, they can connect you with licensed and screened contractors that can give you a bid on your project and completed.

At Santa Clarita Builders Exchange you’ll get contracting tips like “what to include and exclude” in your contract. 

What about design-build offers?  Do I need an Architect? How can I keep from getting ripped off? What if there is a dispute?

Call Santa Clarita Builder’s Exchange today and finally get answers to your questions!


Santa Clarita Builders Exchange (SCBX)

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