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Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour – January 24, 2014

Hosts: Doug Sutton and John Rogers
Guest(s):  Hans AKA Mr. Football, Barbara AKA Miss Classifieds, Michele AKA Miss Entertainment, John Heath from the Santa Clarita Valley Gazette and Free Classifieds, Ben Oakley

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The Gazette Radio Hour- Friday, January 24, 2014

Doug Sutton started off their latest edition of the Santa Clarita Valley Gazette Radio Hour with his traditional rant. However, this time, Doug was quite a tad too passionate about his raving topic. The discussion was centered over Richard Sherman’s postgame interview. The game that has sent the Seattle Seahawks into the 2014 Super Bowl. Richard Sherman was questioned immediately after the game ended, and erupted into a ferocious tirade exclaiming his team’s supremacy in the sport. Some would argue, including Doug Sutton, that his demeanor and choice of words represented himself, and his team in a poor light. In fact, Doug Sutton thought his actions were so deplorable, that he could barely even pronounce his name on air. Doug Sutton also has high blood pressure (from allowing himself to get so worked up and angry over the years) so John Rogers was feverishly trying to calm him down, but unfortunately, John’s attempts were all in vain. When Doug gets that angry, nothing is safe from his wrath. John worked hard to cover his face and protect the studio equipment from Doug’s wailing fists, and thankfully, no one was hurt. In a desperate attempt to cool Doug, and save him from a possible health problem, John asked Hans to call in immediately and change the situation. Hans unfortunately disagreed with Doug’s position on the issue, however, as no one else can do, Mr. Football used reason and wit to explain to Doug that everything will be ok, and how he shouldn’t let someone else’s words have any affect.

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Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour – January 24, 2014

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