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Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour – January 31, 2014

Hosts: Doug Sutton and John Rogers
Guests from SCV Gazette:  

Guest(s):  Perry Smith, Kyle Jellings, Ben Oakley, Robin Sandoval

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The Gazette Radio Hour- Friday, January 31, 2014

Doug Sutton barged into the KHTS studio with a monstrous sized headache. The kind of pain only a State of the Union Address from President Obama could give Doug, owner of the Santa Clarita Gazette and Free Classifieds. So by the time the latest edition of the Gazette Radio Hour actually began, Doug was about ready tear down the microphones, screaming and hollering and more than anxious to start a fight with his host John Rogers. However, John Rogers is a cool man, and does not allow himself to fall prey to the same obstacles that Doug is constantly a victim of. While Doug Sutton did have a few valid points about Obama’s latest State of the Union Address, for example, he didn’t mention the budget or speak on the massive amounts of debt that the Nation’s youth will be inheriting – John once again, had to ultimately force his radio partner to calm his frantic and slightly deranged nature. In the end, the only thing that can even remotely get Doug to reach a state of zen, is sports. So John used a little bit of psychology and  strategically “dropped the ball” for lack of a better term, and got Doug excited and happy thinking about the SuperBowl. However, all good things must come to an end, and eventually they brought Perry Smith to talk all things news related in the city of Santa Clarita, Robin Sandoval to talk about the bail bonds industry, and then even had Mr. Football to call in and talk more sports with Kyle Jellings. Kyle Jellings brought an interesting tang of sports flavor because his experience lies in covering high school football, while Hans AKA Mr. Football covers the NFL. Kyle was in uncharted waters to say the least, but excited nonetheless to be on the Gazette Radio Hour.

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Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour – January 31, 2014

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