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Saving Money at the Pump

With gas costs constantly fluctuating, here are some tips help you save some money while helping the environment.
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1. Park in the shade – Using air conditioning actually uses extra gas, and driving with your windows open cut down on fuel efficiency. Keeping your car cool during the day can pay big dividends in the long run.

2. Drive the right way - Braking and accelerating the right way can easily help get you 10% – 20% better gas mileage. If you have a manual transmission, shifting at low RPM can help conserve more fuel. And if you have an automatic, using cruise control when you can and using the overdrive gears can help keep your engine running smoother, your RPM lower, and your wallet happier.

3. Keep your car in check – Be sure not to fill up your gas tank until you are practically on empty. Gas weighs a lot and carrying around a tank that is almost always full can take a toll on your gas mileage. Replace your air filter when needed, helping your engine run smoother and much more efficiently. And keep your tired inflated at the proper level. It reduces friction between your tires and the road, increasing your as mileage.

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Saving Money at the Pump

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