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SCV Health and Wellness Fair 2012

SCV Health and Wellness Fair 2012

Written and Photography by Gabie Cardenas


On Saturday, Feb. 25th, 2012, the SCV Chamber of Commerce held its 5th annual Health and Wellness Fair at College of the Canyon, Valencia, Calif.

Numerous vendors gathered for this event offering free health screenings, activities and a wealth of information on every aspect of our wellness, from weight loss programs, medical facilities, to spiritual health.

Make sure to mark your calendars for next year’s fair.

Bellow are some images from the day.

For Even More Photos, Click Here.



KHTS welcoming guests to the 2012 Health and Wellness Fair.





Information, freebies, even a jumbo shopping bag to hold it all.



Overall look over College of the Canyons.



Healthy hearts greeting visitors.




The booth of the much needed Palmdale Regional Medical Center that recently opened in our neighbouring community.




Yummy diet plan samples.                                                               Spiritual Health.


20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-15 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-85

Welness for our elderly.                                                                   Give Blood… Give Life!


20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-82 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-8-2


20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-13 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-16-2

20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-18 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-19
20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-22 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-24
20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-47 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-2-2

20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-4-2 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-81

Free massages.


20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-14-2 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-34

Test your balance and agility.


20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-18-2 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-21-2

Audiology information and free hearing screening.


20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-36 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-47

20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-17-2 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-40

20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-44 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-9-2

20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-20 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-45

20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-49 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-50

20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-52 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-58


20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-19-2 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-39

20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-58 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-62

20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-64 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-67

20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-76 20120225_GabieCardenas_Health-70


For Even More Photos, Click Here.

SCV Health and Wellness Fair 2012

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