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Senior Hour – February 6, 2013

Guest:  Jessica Ekengren – Ekengren Chiropractic

Topic:  Chiropractic Health

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Senior Hour on February 6, 2013

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Welcome to senior hour right here on your home town station, AM 1220 KHTS.  I am your host Dr. Gene Dorio and Barbara Cochran.  This is a show by seniors and for seniors.  Our guest this morning is Dr. Jessica Ekengren from Ekengren Chiropractic, and she has done wonders for me.  And you are looking grate. Thank you.  Let me just make sure people know that your hair looks good and make up is on.  Well my hair is getting longer, it is not to the point where I will quit wearing wigs yet. I do have a little bit of pride, and I am not a teenager so I can not spike my hair.  

            Welcome back to the senior hour.  How are you doing Jessica? I am doing well.  You may have not herd the beginning of the show but Barbara stated that her quality of life has gotten better since she has been seeing you. there are things going on in your life that may make you tired or cause problems with you.  what kind of things have been going on that now you are in contact with Jessica has changed your life? 

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            Well, because going through the cancer process, I did not do much moving around, I lyed around a lot.  I think that my skeleton was all out of wack.  Before meeting Jessica I could not get out of bed without screaming because my back was in pain.  Many years ago, I was trying to pick up a motorcycle, and as I was lifting it up, I felt a pain on my right side, and I think that is what started the pain.  That was over fifteen years ago.  This new pain was entirely different, and it was so much that I would scream in pain. 

            Doing daily activities, the pain was incredible.  When Jessica came on the first time, I thought, maybe I need to see someone.  This is my third week, going onto my fourth week. 

            So Jessica, how did you asses her? Well as a doctor, we always do physical exams, and these consist of many different parts. 


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Senior Hour – February 6, 2013

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