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Senior Hour – January 16, 2013

Guest:  Dr. Vicki Cranford

Topic:  Flu Update

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Senior Hour on January 16, 2013

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Welcome to the senior hour where we talk about enhancing the quality of life. This show is for, about and by seniors.  At the moment our guests must be stick in traffic because the are not in the studio right now, or they have come down with some kind of sickness right now like the flu.  This is something that all you seniors need to keep in mind is that the flu is in epidemic proportions all over the country except for California and Hawaii.  So this flu is coming this way.  I suggest that you get a flu shot right now because you do not want to end up in the hospital.  I remember I had the Asian flu, and that flu knocked me down for almost three weeks.  And we must remember that children and seniors are most vulnerable to sickness, so if you do not want to end up in the hospital, get your shots. 

The Senior hour is here to remind you that you must get your flu shot if you want to stay healthy and away from this sickness. 

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Dr. Vicki Cranford is in the studio.  Dr. Vicki, with all the cold weather and the cold and flu that has been running around, does the Doctors office still have any flu shots?    Yes we do, in fact we have higher strength shots for our seniors who are most vulnerable.  And as you said, seniors and babies are most susceptible to this illness.  So come down to the doctors office and we can provide you with shots and rapid flu tests.  The tests take about fifteen to twenty minuets, and they many not be 100%, but they are helpful.  This flu has been known to start as a sore throughout, burning in the eyes and a headache, also accompanies by a fever.  If the flu is diagnosed, then we do have treatment available.  What if there is a patient who has a sore throat and they do not want to leave the house to expose other people. What do they do to stay healthy?  First start with vitamin C, that is always a good start, but seniors are also the kind of people who use the old remedies that will end up helping, gargling with salt water, taking lots of fluids.


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Senior Hour – January 16, 2013

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