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Stars by Sophia Sanfelippo

Sophia Sanfelippo
Ms. Shafarman
Meadows Elementary School



Report Written By Sophia Sanfelippo

The book I read for my book report is “Stars”, written by Audres Liamas Ruiz and illustrated by Ail Garouss, published by Sterling Publishing.

I bet that all of you have heard of stars, but have you heard of how they started?  It all started with the Big Bang.  The Big Bang created the universe, our galaxy, our solar system, and eventually Earth.  On top of all that, the big bang also created mysterious black holes.  Black holes act like gigantic vacuum cleaners, sucking up everything in their paths, including balls of gas called stars.  There are five different types of stars- pro stars, normal stars, red giants, neutron starts and white dwarfs, and no I’m not talking about the dwarfs from Snow White.  White dwarfs and neutron stars are formed after a giant explosion called a super nova happens.  All the scattered pieces of hydrogen become stars.  Sounds easy, but this process may take millions of years to complete.


I enjoyed this book because it has many interesting parts, such as when it talked about black holes.  My favorite part is when they explained about neutron stars and white dwarfs form.  I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to learn about starts and astronomy.

Stars by Sophia Sanfelippo

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