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The B.F.G by Kimi Stevenson

Hi my name is Kimi Stevenson and I attend Meadows Elementary School in the Newhall School District.  I’ll be reviewing The B.F.G.  It was written by Rhoald Dahl in 1982 and it’s 208 pages long.

The BFG is about the life of an eight year old girl named Sophie, a 24 foot tall giant named the BFG, and their relationship.  It is also about nine other nasty giants.  Sophie and the BFG have a very fun adventure.  They save dozens of people from different countries around the world from being eaten by giants.  They end up being heroes.  It is a very exciting book.

Sophie lived in an orphanage.  On a late night during the witching hour she saw something in the shadows.  The next thing she knew she was whisked away by a giant hand.  She was very scared!  In a while she was dropped on a dark, hard surface.  The creature switched on a light and revealed himself.  He was a large giant with a brown vest and a big white shirt.  His house, or cave-that is, was a gigantic room with rows and rows of shelves filled with jars.

He explained to Sophie that he was not like the other giants (the ones who gobbled up “human bean” night after night all over the world).  He was the BFG – The Big Friendly Giant.  Sophie could hardly believe the good news.  A day or two later Sophie decided she couldn’t bear the giants eating humans.  So she had the BFG mix her a dream.  She also had the BFG take her to England so she could give the dream to the Queen.  The dream would explain about the giants and that the BFG could tell the Queen where they were.  The Queen believed the dream and sent troops to bring the giants back to England.  They had a big hole in England where the giants were imprisoned.  The BFG became a hero and Sophie was just as important.

One of my favorite parts is when the BFG and Sophie have some frob scuttle and they whizpopped.  I won’t explain what that is.  You’ll just have to read the book.  Another thing I liked about it is how the BFG always mixes up his words (mostly homophones).  I recommend this book to anyone who likes fun, adventures, action, giants and Roald Dahl (ages 7 and up due to violence).

The B.F.G by Kimi Stevenson

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